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The expertise covers environmental impact of shipping, shipbuilding and repair, harbour pollution, monitoring of pollutants, but also knowledge transfer.
New legislations from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) require new solutions and technologies on ships, but these often have an unknown impact on the marine environment.

Marena stands for marine environmental protection. This ranges from development of environmentally friendly products and technologies to the analysis of the environmental impact of existing technologies.

The expertise of Marena covers environmental impact of shipping, namely emissions to water and the atmosphere. In detail we offer consultancy in the areas of antifouling paints, ballast water treatment, oily discharges and exhaust gas cleaning. Changing legislations e.g. from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) require new solutions and technologies for ships, but these often have an unknown impact on the marine environment. This relates to e.g. antifouling technologies, which one one hand reduce the problem of biofouling and thereby reduce transfer of invasive species, fuel consumtion and air emissions, but on the other hand may contain toxic biocides and heavy metals, which have a negative impact on marine organisms. This example shows that all is related. The same applies to exhaust gas cleaning systems (wet scrubbers). They reduce the emission of SO2 and particles from the exhaust gas, but on the other hand transfer the problem to the oceans, where acidification and introduction of pollutants may pose a problem.

Every change in the environment has consequences…

Maritime Coatings and Paints:

In recent years Marena was involved in several projects related to the development of antifouling procedures, developments of material, study of environmental impacts and general product development.

Ballast water Treatment

The introduction of invasive marine species into new environments by ships’ ballast water, attached to ships’ hulls and via other vectors has been identified as one of the four greatest threats to the world’s oceans.

Air emissions

New IMO regulations require shipping to reduce their air emissions, especially in Emission Controlled Areas (ECAs).

Oil in water

There are many sources for mineral oil in the marine environment, but the biggest source is accidential oil spills.

November 17, 2019

17.-21. February 2020: IMO PPR 7

New results of a Black Carbon measurement campaign submitted by Germany. The results show that the new marine 2020 0.50% sulfur fuels may contain a large fraction of aromatic compounds, which have a direct impact on Black Carbon emissions. Download the PDF here:


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